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Top 10 Best Chainsaws Under $300 | A Budget-Friendly Guide

I understand it is tough to find a good quality chainsaw when you are on a budget. The products from the top brands come with epic price tags. Trust me…it’s just the “brand” they charge you for.

You can get equally amazing, if not better, chainsaws for under $300. But for that, you need to do tons of research and compare different options. Luckily, you don’t have to do that anymore because I have done it for you.

Power and size are the main differences between the chainsaws you can get in this range. But there are some other things that you need to consider while buying. I am going to give you all the comprehensive details about some great options.

In the end, I’ll also give you my top picks to help you choose the best. Whether you want it for residential use or commercial use, you can get a chainsaw with loads of features. Even if you don’t want to spend so much money, you don’t have to compromise on features.

So let’s begin.

top picks today Best Chainsaws Under $300

Here is the list of best quality chainsaws. All of them have different specifications and features, which are ideal for different purposes. You can get the one that suits your needs.

If you don’t know what to consider while buying a chainsaw, I’ve got the buying guide for that too. Make sure you consider the pros and cons while choosing.

1. Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw

greenworks 40V cordless chainsaw

The GreenWorks 40V cordless chainsaw is an ideal choice for you if you are a homeowner. It will work best for small home projects. If you regularly need trees for firewood in your backyard, this one is the best for such needs. Moreover, it is ideal for cleaning up after storms and maintaining your yard.

This 16-inch Chainsaw comes with a voltage of 40V. Its 2.3 horsepower makes it ideal for cutting trees effortlessly. You can also get the 14-inch variant of the same product if you think the 16″ chain is too big.

Battery Type
One of the best things about this Chainsaw is that you don’t have to plug in a cord while working. I know it s very frustrating when you need an outlet. It is very difficult to work in big yards because of that. But this Chainsaw solves your problem. It comes with a charger. It comes with a 40V 4-ah Li-ion battery.

Motor Type
As it is Li-ion battery-powered, you must be thinking it is less powerful than your traditional gas-powered chainsaws. But the truth is quite the opposite of it. The motor gives you 30% more torque with 70% less vibration. YES! It offers silent operation, so you don’t have to hear that annoying sound.

While using such massive tools, safety is the first thing that you should think about. Greenworks has got your back in this matter too. You get a chain brake on this Chainsaw that reduces your risk of getting injured. The brake is on the top part and is electronic.

Oiling your Chainsaw is also a problem. You don’t know when and how often you need to oil it. The Greenworks 40v cordless Chainsaw comes with an automatic oiler. This result is regular and proper chain lubrication. And in turn, increases your productivity and improves efficiency.


  • Safe to use
  • Quiet Operation
  • Comfortable grip
  • Chain tensioning does not require tools


  • No Cons

Final Verdict
The Greenworks 40V chainsaw is ideal for you if you are a newbie and haven’t used such tools before. And it is equally awesome for a professional. It makes your household and yard cleaning tasks much easier. The best thing about this is no noise, no oil, no fumes, no mess, and still amazing functionality.

2. Dewalt 20V Compact Chainsaw


Next on the list, we have the Dewalt 20V Compact chainsaw. The voltage is less, as you can tell. It is good for comparatively small tasks. You can cut tree limbs and do demolition tasks. YOu can have it if you are looking forward to renovating your place. It is very lightweight and compact.

The Dewalt 20V chainsaw is also cordless and delivers 550 watts of horsepower. As a result, I can say that it is a good compact tool for small tasks. The initial battery voltage is 20V without any workload. And the nominal voltage is 18V.

Battery Type
You get a chargeable 5ah 20V battery. It can run up to 90 cuts within a single charge for 4X4 pressure-treated wood. That is pretty efficient when you have to cut tree limbs. You won’t have to charge again and again for small tasks.

Motor and Chainsaw
This Chainsaw is equipped with a brushless motor. As a result, you get high efficiency and a comparatively greater run time and motor life. The 12-inch Chainsaw is very compact to handle and maneuverable.

The best feature of the Dewalt 20V compact chainsaw is that it is extremely lightweight. It offers a perfect grip and gives you the required control that is pretty rare in such tools. It weighs only 1 pound, which means no strained arms anymore.

The Dewalt 20V chainsaw also has an auto oiling feature. Just fill the oil container once, and it will do the rest of the task by itself.


  • No strain on muscles
  • Does not require much space
  • Easy to operate


  • Not ideal for bigger projects

Final Verdict
The lightweight and compact structure makes it the right choice for newbies. If you are someone who hates having bulky tools, this can be a good choice. But if you want a heavy-duty chainsaw, you should go for the one with a relatively big chainsaw and high power.

3. Poulan Pro Gas Powered Chainsaw


Looking for a heavy-duty chainsaw? The Poulan Pro Gas Powered is the one you need. It comes with a very powerful engine. No matter how massive the wood is, it is going to pass through it like a butter knife.

The Poulan Pro chainsaw comes with OxyPower engine technology. It delivers 2.8 horsepower, which is enough for any desired task. The two-stroke engines and effortless starting mechanism are what make it stand out from the other chainsaws.

Effortless Pull Start
If you have had a gas-operated Chainsaw before, you could relate to me when I say that starting such a Chainsaw drains so much energy. The spring assistant’s powerful pull start system allows you to start it in a single pull. So, starting it is 30% easier, and there is no wear either.

The Poulan Pro chainsaw is equipped with a filtering system in it. It guarantees that the fuel gets fitter. This, in turn, ensures long air filter life. You get maximum efficiency with reduced fuel consumption.

The chain length of 20 inches makes cutting big trees and logs of wood easier. If you need to do regular firewood cutting or clean up a big area, the smaller chains won’t be efficient. Alternatively, getting a 20-inch chainsaw will help you save both your time and effort.

Gas-powered chainsaws
require comparatively more maintenance. For this Chainsaw, you don’t need a bunch of tools. This is because you get a combi tool integrated into the rare handle. Just grab it and get it done.


  • Reduced risk of damage due to purge bulb
  • Easy to start
  • Heavy duty


  • It is heavy

Final Verdict
For commercial use, a small chainsaw is not efficient. The Poulan Pro Gas Powered Chainsaw can help you conquer felling trees and huge construction tasks. It is comparatively heavy and equally heavy-duty as well.

4. Ego Power+ CS1400 Cordless Chainsaw


Ego Power+ is one of the top brands when it comes to construction tools. The Ego Power+ CS1400 comes with a high-efficiency powerful motor. This premium quality chainsaw is battery-powered and offers a really smooth experience for all kinds of tasks.

Motor Type
You get a high-efficiency brushless motor in it. It results in lesser vibrations and a better run time. It delivers 6800 RPM and 3.5 horsepower for unmatched efficiency. The best part is that as it is not powered by gas, you get no noise or fumes while using it.

The Chainsaw uses a 56V ARC Lithium battery. The battery is not provided in the package. But it is universal. Once you buy one of such batteries, you can use it for any Ego Power+ tool. One battery will be enough for multiple tools. All you have to do is get the tool and insert the battery.

You can tell by the RPM and high voltage that the performance of this Chainsaw is unmatched. The 14-inch bar and chain cut very smoothly through any high-tension log.

Ego Power+ has considered user safety while manufacturing this product as well. You get a low kickback brake for safety and control. You can turn and use the brake to stop it immediately without any effort.

Weather Resistance
Under harsh weather conditions, you have to make sure that all your tool is safe. But this one doesn’t need you to panic every time. It has rugged construction, so you can use it in any weather.


  • Smooth operation
  • Powerful motor
  • No maintenance required


  • Comparatively Heavy

Final Verdict
This is a premium product for under $ 300. The feel and performance of this Chainsaw show that it is very expensive. It is very easy to use and offers great features. The only drawback is that you won’t get a battery in the package.

5. Ego Power+ 56 CS1600 Volt Cordless Chainsaw


The Ego Power+ 56 CS1600 is very similar to the Ego Power CS1400. The main difference is that it comes with a 16-inch chainsaw. It delivers 2.5 horsepower. If you want to buy from this brand, you can spend a couple of extra bucks and get the one with a bigger chain.

Power Efficiency
The 6800 RPM motor gives you very smooth cuts without having to apply any pressure at all. Whether it is hardwood, softwood, branches, or logs, it can run continuously for up to 300 cuts without charging.

High-efficiency brushless motor makes your task not only easier but less frustrating too. This is because, while operating it, it won’t vibrate. It has a longer runtime and an extended life.

The typical chainsaws that are battery powered neither cut such increased diameter nor run for a longer time. If you have used chainsaws before, you can tell that this one is high quality.

Once you charge the battery of this Chainsaw, you can run it for up to 300 cuts. Typically, an ordinary chainsaw won’t do more than 100 cuts with a single charge. Another great thing is that it gets completely charged in only 40 minutes. Isn’t that incredible?

Water Resistance
Want to work in rainy weather? Ego Power+ 56 CS1600 has got you covered. It offers water resistance of up to IPx4. You can get the job done in any weather without having to worry about it getting damaged.


  • Longer Battery Life
  • Incredible performance
  • Water Resistance


  • The battery is not included in the package.

Final Verdict
In conclusion, the Ego Power+ 56 CS1600 is a very high-performance and durable option if you want a heavy-duty chainsaw that runs for a longer time without any break, this one’s great.

6. Worx WG322 Power Share Cordless Chainsaw


The Worx WG322 Power Share Cordless Chainsaw comes with a 10-inch chain with a speed of 12.5ft per second that can cut smoothly through tree branches. It is perfect if you want a compact tool for cutting off fallen branches and cleaning your yard.

This Chainsaw is powered by a 20V battery. It is the same battery that is used to power other heavy-duty machines such as jaw saws and lawnmowers. The power is enough to carry out small yard tasks of cutting twigs.

It weighs only 6.2 pounds, which is equal to that of a 2-liter bottle of cold drink. YOU can carry it easily with its ergonomic grip handle. Your arms won’t get taut even if you work for longer periods.

Battery Indicator
Many chainsaws lack this feature. I believe it is very important because it’s so annoying when you are working, and suddenly the power goes off… This Chainsaw has a battery indicator. With its help it, you know how much battery is left and how much work you can get done.

Auto Tension
The auto tension feature makes sure that your Chainsaw is running at its maximum efficiency. It tightens the chain whenever needed and prevents over-tightening too. Unlike other chainsaws, this does not require an extra tool for tightening the chain.


  • Auto Lubrication
  • Auto chain tightening
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Lightweight


  • Not ideal for cutting big logs

Final Verdict
For small tasks such as cutting twigs off trees and maintaining your yard, it can be a good option. It comes with a battery indicator, too, which can come in very handy. It is a very comfortable tool to use if you are a newbie.

7. Worx WG320 Power Share Jaw Saw Chainsaw


Are you thinking that having a chainsaw is too dangerous in a house with kids? That was one of my concerns too. The Worx WG320 power share chainsaw comes with a fully guarded blade. It retracts when it is not in use.

It delivers the power of 1350 hp, which makes it one of the fastest jaw saws of its type. It gives smooth cuts at high speed. You can clean your pavement with fallen twigs within minutes.

It comes with a 20V universal battery. The battery of this Chainsaw is expandable. The same battery can be used to power other tools from the same power share family.

If you haven’t used such tools before and want a relatively safe chainsaw, this can definitely be the right choice. It is designed in such a way that you can directly cut the fallen branches. The cutting is made very easy as the blade retracts back into the base after use.

Overhead Use
Cutting overhead branches is relatively tough. With the jaw saw, it is pretty easy and safe too. This tool is approved for overhead use. Make sure you wear your safety glasses while using them this way.

Auto Tension
The auto tension feature keeps the blade perfectly tight. Yes! You don’t have to struggle and find tools to do it. It won’t let you overtighten the chain, either.


  • Maximum safety
  • Auto oiling
  • Easy operation
  • Smooth cutting


  • Can’t cut logs bigger than 4 inches

Final Verdict
It is the perfect tool that you can have for cutting twigs of trees to give them a more refined shape. And it is very safe to use it. But it is not versatile enough for cutting logs that have a bigger diameter. Hence, it cannot be used for bigger projects.

8. EGO Power+ CS1800 Cordless Chainsaw


The next product on the list is Ego Power+. The Ego Power+ CS1800 comes with a huge blade of 18 inches. Due to this feature, you can use it for commercial purposes. It can cut through logs with greater diameters.

It delivers a power of 550 watts. This means that it can cut through hardwood efficiently. No matter what type of wood you are cutting through, this Chainsaw is pretty smooth.

This Chainsaw comes with a brushless motor. This results in increasing the life span of the motor. It offers you an unmatched RPM of 1100. Due to that, the operation of this Chainsaw is comparatively silent and vibration-free.

You won’t see this feature in many chainsaws. If you have to cut through the woods in the dark, the task becomes really hard. The LED headlights of the Chainsaw come in very handy when you have to get the job done in an emergency.

Auto Tensioning
Tightening the Chainsaw is very important to enhance productivity. This task is made very easy for you as you just have to turn the dial, and the chain will be tightened. YOu don’t need any additional tools for it.


  • Headlights for illuminating in the dark
  • Very fast operation
  • No noise or fumes
  • Longer bar


  • No Cons

Final Verdict
If you want to cut tall trees and big logs, the 18-inch bar of this Chainsaw makes it possible. The headlights are another amazing feature, so you can cut in the dark or dusk. Overall, it is a great product.

9. Black+Decker 40V Cordless Chainsaw


Black+Decker is known for its high-quality tools. You can use this Chainsaw for daily household cutting tasks. It comes with a 12-inch chain that can be used for cutting tree branches and cleaning purposes.

This compact tool comes with a lithium-ion interchangeable battery. The initial maxim voltage of its battery is 40V while the nominal voltage is 36 volts. A full battery is enough for up to 60 cuts.

Safety Features
You have to be very careful while operating a sharp machine like a chainsaw. But Black+decker makes it much safer for you. You get a front-hand guard for increased safety. You also get a lock-off button on it that ensures your safety.

Chain Tensioning
With traditional chainsaws, you had to use several tools to tighten the Chainsaw. And if it wasn’t tight enough, the chain wouldn’t run smoothly. But on this Chainsaw, you get a knob on the side that can be used to tighten the chain without any hassle.

Cordless Operation
As it is powered by an interchangeable battery, you don’t need to have any outlets to run it. All you have to do is get the battery when needed.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Auto tensioning
  • Easy lubrication with an oiling system


  • Battery won’t last long

Final Verdict
For daily use at home and small tasks, it is a good chainsaw. The only drawback is that the battery would last up to 60 cuts only. This is very less as compared to the products that offer up to 300 cuts.

10. Husqvarna Battery Powered Chainsaw


Our last product is the Husqvarna Battery Powered Chainsaw. This Chainsaw gives you the option of choosing between maximum power and maximum runtime. This enables you to control the timing of the battery.

This Chainsaw is powered by a 40V battery. This battery is also compatible with the other Husqvarna tools. Once you buy a battery, you can use it for other tools too.

Brake system
This Chainsaw comes with a unique inertia-induced chain brake system. This feature makes it the safest Chainsaw. This makes handling it very safe and problem free. The system terminates the rotation within less than a second and makes sure that you are safe.

Auto chain oiler
The automatic chain oiler requires you to put oil in it. The oiler does the rest of the work. It makes sure that the chain is oiled frequently to maximize the efficiency of the Chainsaw.

It is very lightweight and simple to operate. The weight of the Chainsaw is only 6 pounds, excluding its battery of it. This is very lower for a regular 14-inch chainsaw. You can carry it for a longer time due to its lightweight and ergonomic grip.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Quieter operation
  • Efficient power-conserving mode
  • Ergonomic design


  • No headlights or battery indicator.

Final Verdict
If you want a battery-efficient chainsaw that allows you to control battery usage, this Chainsaw gives you the option. The ergonomic design and lightweight make it very easy to handle and use.

Best Chainsaw Under $300- Buyer’s Guide

There are some very important features that you need to consider while buying a chainsaw. If you want to buy one for small daily tasks and yard cleaning, then relatively smaller ones can work. But for commercial use or for cutting tall trees, you need bigger and more efficient ones.

For the chainsaws that are battery-powered, you will generally find ones that are 20V, 40V, and 60V. The higher the voltage, the longer they can go without charging. So, while buying one, if you want to work for a longer time without charging, get the one with high voltage. Those ones are more efficient too.

Power Supply Type
There are two types of power supply types that are generally used for this purpose. The gas-powered ones are more powerful than the battery-powered ones. But the gas-powered chainsaws are noisier and release fumes that make the job pretty uncomfortable. Alternatively, with the battery-powered ones, there is no such issue at all.

Lightweight chainsaws are good because you can carry them without getting your arms strained. Such chainsaws have smaller bars. So, while choosing a chainsaw, make sure that you consider both the weight and size of the bar. If you are getting a heavier one, make sure that it has an ergonomic design so handling is easier.

A tight and comfortable grip is equally essential. This not only makes it easier to work but also ensures your safety. The design of the handle should be such that it does not slip.

You have to regularly tighten the chain and oil it. This makes sure that the Chainsaw works efficiently. For that, it is ideal to consider a chainsaw that offers auto oiling and auto tightening. This is because doing it manually can be pretty hectic.

My Top Picks
If you still can’t decide which one to choose, then here are some of my top recommendations according to the desired use.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw is ideal for domestic use.
Poulan Pro Gas Powered Chainsaw
can be the best choice for commercial use and cutting tall trees.
Worx WG320 Power Share Jaw Saw Chainsaw
is ideal if you want a safer chainsaw for small tasks.

Frequently asked question

What is a good inexpensive chainsaw?

A great budget-friendly option is the WORX WG303.1. It’s affordable, electric, and perfect for light to medium tasks.

What is the most reliable brand of chainsaw?

Stihl is often considered the most reliable brand, known for its durability and performance across various models.

What is the best chainsaw for $250?

For around $250, the Husqvarna 440E is a solid choice, offering a good balance of power and user-friendliness.

What is the best chainsaw for a homeowner?

For homeowners, the Black+Decker 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw is great. It’s user-friendly, lightweight, and ideal for general home use.

What brand of chainsaw do professionals use?

Professionals often prefer Stihl or Husqvarna, as both brands offer high-quality, durable, and powerful chainsaws.

Final Thoughts

You can find a very good quality chainsaw for under $300 for both domestic and commercial use. Make sure you have your preferences very clear.

This was all about the best chainsaws for $300. I have done my job of giving you authentic information about the top chainsaws. You can choose the one that you think will best suit you. If you still can’t decide, you can use my recommendation.

Make sure you consider safety while buying the Chainsaw. Happy cutting!