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Are Ryobi Chainsaws Any Good? Budget-Friendly Options

Ryobi chainsaws hold their ground as a top pick for many who take on home and garden tasks. 

Known for their affordability and dependability, these tools have carved a niche among DIY enthusiasts. Their ease of use is another feather in their cap, making them a go-to for those who aren’t necessarily professionals but still seek a powerful tool to get the job done.

When you’re in the market for a chainsaw that won’t break the bank but still delivers performance, a Ryobi might just be your best bet.

 So, let’s take a closer look at what makes Ryobi chainsaws stand out and why they might be the perfect addition to your toolkit.

History of Ryobi Chainsaws and their origin

The history of Ryobi chainsaws dates back to the early 20th century. Founded in 1943 by Yutaka Takagi, Ryobi originally manufactured small electrical appliances and tools. 

In 1959, Ryobi began producing the first chain saws for the Japanese market, and in 1967 the company released its first chain saw for the international market. See Wikipedia for more details on Ryobi.

Since then, Ryobi has become one of the most respected names in chain saws, with a wide range of models to choose from. With features such as anti-vibration technology, ergonomic design, and powerful engines, Ryobi chain saws are recognized for their quality and performance. 

Ryobi chain saws are also available in a variety of sizes, from lightweight models to professional-grade saws.

Ryobi continued to innovate with its chainsaw designs over the years, introducing the first electric chainsaw in 1974 with the RCS-15E. This saw was more powerful than the RCS-10 and had an 11” cutting bar. Ryobi also introduced the first gas-powered chainsaw with the RCS-20G in 1977. This saw was more influential and had a 20” cutting bar.

The company’s focus on innovation has led to the development of a wide range of features and technologies, such as the Ryobi X-Torq engine, which is designed to reduce emissions while providing maximum power. Ryobi also produces a range of attachments and accessories that can be used to extend the capabilities of their saws.

In the 1950s, Ryobi began expanding its operations outside of Japan, and today the company has a presence in more than 30 countries. 

Ryobi’s chain saws are widely used around the world, from commercial operations to personal yards, and are seen as a reliable and efficient choice for a wide range of applications.

Are Ryobi Chainsaws Durable and Reliable?


Ryobi chainsaws are generally good quality and have proven to be reliable for many years. They offer a wide range of models, from lightweight consumer models to robust professional models, so there is something to suit everyone’s needs. Ryobi chainsaws are easy to start, even at cold temperatures, and they have excellent power and speed. 

They are also incredibly lightweight, making them easy to maneuver and use. Additionally, Ryobi chainsaws come with several features, such as anti-vibration technology, allowing for smooth and comfortable operation.

Most importantly, Ryobi chainsaws are very affordable, making them an attractive option for those looking to purchase an inexpensive model. The company also offers a wide variety of accessories, from chains to blades, so you can customize your chainsaw to fit your specific needs.

Types of Ryobi chainsaws (here are two types)


A Ryobi chainsaw is a type of chainsaw used for cutting through trees and other materials. There are two types of Ryobi chainsaws: gas and electric.

A gas chainsaw is powered by a two-stroke or four-stroke engine and typically uses a mixture of gasoline and oil for fuel. These chainsaws are often more powerful than their electric counterparts and are ideal for heavier-duty tasks, such as felling large trees.

The main downside of gas chainsaws is that they are heavier, louder, and require more maintenance than electric chainsaws.

An electric chainsaw is propelled by an electric motor and normally draws power from a corded outlet or a rechargeable battery. These chainsaws are typically more portable and quieter than gas chainsaws, which makes them perfect for jobs that need lighter work.

Electric chainsaws’ main drawbacks include their lower power compared to gas chainsaws and the necessity to recharge the battery frequently after extended use.

Both types of Ryobi chainsaws have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider your needs before deciding which type is right for you.

Pros and Cons of Ryobi Chainsaws


Ryobi chainsaws offer a wide range of benefits and drawbacks, making them an ideal choice for many applications. 

Whether you are in the market for a lightweight chainsaw for home use or a durable and reliable one for use, Ryobi chainsaws may be the right choice for you. Here we will explore the pros and cons of Ryobi chainsaws. 

Pros of Ryobi Chainsaws

Lightweight – One of the biggest pros of Ryobi chainsaws is their lightweight nature. As an example, the 14-inch model typically weighs only 9.7 lbs and the 10-inch model only weighs 6.5 lbs. This makes them perfect for home use or light-duty work.

Gas and Battery Powered – Both gas and electric chainsaws are available from Ryobi. For heavier-duty uses, the gas-powered alternative offers more potent and reliable performance. On the other hand, the battery-powered alternative is fantastic for lighter-duty applications and functions best with Ryobi’s lithium batteries.

Good Battery Timing – Ryobi’s lithium batteries offer excellent performance and battery timing. They can hold a charge for up to 6 hours, making them perfect for light-duty applications and extended use.

Easy Maintenance – The simplicity of maintenance for Ryobi chainsaws is another fantastic advantage. All you need to do is change the oil and spark plug every 50 hours of use and keep the chain sharpened and tensioned. This makes them great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance.

Durable – With the right maintenance and care, Ryobi chainsaws are also incredibly durable and can endure for many years. They are therefore a fantastic option for both residential and commercial use.

Cons of Ryobi Chainsaws

Not Ideal for Commercial Use – While Ryobi chainsaws are great for home use, they are not ideal for commercial use. If you need a chainsaw for heavy-duty applications, you would be better off with a gas-powered model from another brand.

Oil Leakage Issues – It has been reported that Ryobi chainsaws occasionally leak oil, which can be annoying and perhaps dangerous. This is a consideration while selecting a chainsaw.

Best Ryobi Chainsaws A Comprehensive Review

As was said above, there are two different varieties of Ryobi chainsaws: gas-powered and battery-powered, each with unique features and applications.

We will examine gas-powered and one that is battery-powered and talk about their individual qualities. One of these chainsaws can be the ideal choice for your upcoming project, depending on your demands.

1. Ryobi P547 Chainsaw (battery-powered)


The Ryobi P547 Chainsaw is exceptional in that it is battery-powered, making it a fantastic option for people seeking a transportable, potent, and effective chainsaw. It weighs only 6.8 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to handle. The dimensions of the product are 28” L x 10” W x 16” H, making it the perfect size for trimming and cutting jobs.

All ONE+ devices, including chargers, batteries, and tools, are compatible with the P547 Chainsaw. Because of this, it becomes an even more desirable alternative for people looking for a strong and effective cutting instrument. 

The maximum cutting diameter of the chain is 10 inches, and it is lubricated using a push-button oiler. This makes it even more effective and, enables you to produce cuts that are simple and quick.

Additionally, you can conveniently adjust the chain tension on this chainsaw thanks to its side access chain tensioning mechanism. This contributes to the chainsaw’s increased effectiveness and power. Due to its ability to make cuts up to two times faster than its predecessor, you might also finish trimming duties more rapidly.


  • The low RPMs, combined with the lightweight, make this saw much safer than a gas-powered unit.
  • It is simple to control and operate thanks to the ergonomic handle and trigger design.
  • The integrated vibration-dampening mechanism lessens vibration and aids in reducing fatigue during extended use.
  • No gas-mixing or starting hassle, just grab and go
  • A battery can be used with other Ryobi One+ tools, making it a great investment 


  • The chainsaw leaked lube oil, which meant that it had to be drained after every use.

2. Ryobi 14 Inch 37cc Gas Chainsaw (Gas chainsaw)


This Ryobi 14-inch chainsaw is easy to use and is packed with features that make it ideal for a variety of cutting tasks. 

The Ryobi 37cc Gas Chainsaw is equipped with a 37cc engine that provides excellent cutting power and speed. The engine has a chain speed of 23.1 MPS and a cycle of 2 cycles (CARB) Accordance. This makes it ideal for multiple cutting tasks. Additionally, its 20 oz fuel tank capacity ensures that it can be used for extended periods. 

One of the best features of the 37cc Gas Chainsaw is its 3-point vibration isolation which helps to cut down on fatigue and increase comfort when using it. Its chainsaw also includes an integrated oiler that keeps the engine operating smoothly. For added safety, it also has anti-vibration features and a chain brake.

When it comes to performance, this Chainsaw is definitely up to the task. Its strong engine and chain speed ensure that it can handle even the toughest of cutting tasks. The chainsaw is also equipped with a mesh filter which helps to keep the engine clean and running efficiently.


  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • The product is lightweight only weighing 10 pounds
  • Bar length of 14 inches
  • Provides a maximum torque of 1.57 Nm
  • The Safe-T-Tip guards against any rotating kickback and the inertia-activated chain brake quickly stops the chain.


  • Is not preferable for commercial use

Frequently Asked Question

Are Ryobi gas chainsaws any good?

Ryobi gas chainsaws offer decent performance for occasional or moderate use, particularly for homeowners rather than professionals.

Do Ryobi chainsaws work?

Yes, Ryobi chainsaws work well for basic yard maintenance and are popular among casual users.

What is the most reliable chainsaw on the market?

Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws are often noted for their reliability and are widely used by professionals.

Are Ryobi chainsaws any good for the money?

Ryobi chainsaws are considered good value for money for casual or occasional users who need to perform light to moderate tasks.

What chainsaw has the most power?

Gas-powered chainsaws from Stihl and Husqvarna typically offer the most power, suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

Closing Thoughts

  • Ryobi chainsaws are affordable and offer good value.
  • They are user-friendly and ideal for home and garden use.
  • Lightweight designs make them easy to handle.
  • Not suited for heavy-duty, commercial tasks.
  • Offer both gas and battery-powered options.

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