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Are Poulan Chainsaws Any Good? Affordable for Homeowners

The Poulan name is one of the more well-liked choices when looking into chainsaws. But are Poulan chainsaws any good? Poulan Pro is a well-known brand whose products are renowned for their dependability and toughness. 

A Poulan Pro 42cc has been a steadfast companion for one user for over half a decade, cutting through downtime and costs with equal ease. Relying on the TruFuel premix, this saw hasn’t missed a beat, even after lengthy hibernations. For its price bracket and home use durability, it’s been nothing short of a workhorse.

So let’s dive deep into the world of Poulan chainsaws to see if they truly live up to their reputation.

Are Poulan Chainsaws Worth Your Money?

Poulan chainsaws are good, affordable options. Poulan chainsaws work best for homeowners’ light-duty tasks, like pruning limbs, making firewood, and felling small trees. Poulan Pro chainsaws lack the strength and durability of more costly saws, making them unsuitable for professional use.

Whether you choose a chainsaw fueled by gas or a Poulan battery. It will rapidly turn into a useful ally in your landscaping endeavors. Ruggedness, reduced weight and pollution, and amazing features like Soft Start and OxyPower are all provided by Poulan Pro Chainsaws.

Key Features and Benefits of Poulan Chainsaws


A Poulan Pro chainsaw is a decent option for sporadic use around the house. The saws are a good option for homeowners unfamiliar with chainsaws. Poulan Pro has a huge selection of chainsaw models to help you discover the ideal saw for your needs.

Poulan is a reliable, cost-effective choice for homeowners and infrequent users. Choose a Husqvarna, Stihl, or comparable saw if you need a more potent saw for commercial use. Here are the detailed features:

1. Lightweight

The largest Poulan chainsaw weighs only 21 pounds, most of which are lightweight. This enables you to operate for longer periods of time without getting tired. Many might also include a carrying bag for better portability.

2. Motor

The 2-stroke engines found in most Poulan chainsaws have a greater RPM capacity. This kind of motor is the best in terms of power and simplicity of construction, which facilitates replacement and repair.

3. Chain Bar

The chain needs to be durable but low-maintenance. The bar chain needs to be powerful enough to cut through dense substances easily and without sticking. Regarding the automatic oilers found on many of the Poulan chainsaws. I suggest maintaining the chain lubricated with high-quality 2-stroke chain oilers.

4. Automatic Oiling

Poulan chainsaws have an automatic oiling system that maintains the bar and chain. It lubricates for minimal maintenance and reduces wear and strain. In order to prevent instances where your Poulan chainsaw stops working, you should correctly lubricate it. 

5. Safety Options

Poulan products have a smooth beginning that can protect you from other models’ abrupt acceleration and kickbacks. To keep you secure, the choke and stop switch will also stop the bar if the blade sticks.

6. Technology Poulan

The OxyPower motor is one of Poulan’s most sought-after innovations. This brand’s patented technology has the power to reduce emissions and cut fuel use. The OxyPower engine, a patented feature of Poulan chainsaws, ensures reduced fuel usage and harmful emissions.

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The patented OxyPower technology is used in all Poulan Pro chainsaws. It provides excellent power while consuming up to 20% less gasoline and emitting up to 70%. Thanks to the pure air technology’s excellent performance. Users don’t have to contend with overpowering odors or smoke while working.

7. Price

Poulan products are reasonably priced, but they still offer consumers a lot of power and versatility. Additionally, each of the Poulan chainsaws our experts mentioned includes accessories to increase the value of your purchase.

Are Poulan Chainsaws Produced By Husqvarna?

Husqvarna manufactures Poulan chainsaws because Poulan is a brand held by Husqvarna. In contrast to Husqvarna chainsaws, Poulan chainsaws are made for a distinct market. With some exceptions, Husqvarna chainsaws are manufactured for expert loggers and arborists. While Poulan chainsaws are intended for homeowners and infrequent users.

The same company manufactures Poulan and Husqvarna chainsaws, but they differ in terms of features and aesthetics. Husqvarna chainsaws tend to be heavier and more potent than Poulan chainsaws. Additionally, they cost less and have fewer functions.

A Poulan is a decent option if you’re looking for a chainsaw for light-duty work around the house. However, you should pick a Husqvarna, Stihl, or comparable saw if you need a more potent saw for expert use.

How Durable Are Poulan Chainsaws?

Poulan chainsaws are made for light-duty work and, with regular upkeep, can last for three to five years. Poulan chainsaws have reportedly endured much longer for some owners, though.

Any chainsaw’s lifespan can be extended with proper upkeep, but Poulan chainsaws require extra care. Make sure to study and adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual for your specific model. This will make your chainsaw more likely to last for many years.

Frequently Asked Question

Why are Poulan chainsaws so hard to start?

They can be tricky to start due to factors like a flooded engine, spark plug issues, or a clogged carburetor.

Who makes the Poulan chainsaw?

Poulan chainsaws are manufactured by Husqvarna Group, a company known for various outdoor power equipment brands.

What is the most reliable chainsaw on the market?

The most reliable chainsaw brand is often debated, but Stihl and Husqvarna consistently rank high for durability and performance.

Can you put a Stihl chain on a Poulan chainsaw?

Yes, you can put a Stihl chain on a Poulan chainsaw if the sizes and specifications match, like chain gauge and pitch.

How long should a pro chainsaw last?

A pro chainsaw can last many years, even with daily use, given proper maintenance and care.

Final Thought

  • Value for Money: Poulan chainsaws provide good performance at an affordable price point, ideal for budget-conscious consumers.
  • User-Friendly: Designed with homeowners in mind, they offer ease of use with features like Soft Start and automatic oiling systems.
  • Environmental Efficiency: The OxyPower engine technology ensures lower emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Light-Duty Applicability: They are best suited for light-duty tasks like pruning, limb cutting, and small tree felling.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with safety options to prevent kickbacks and ensure smooth operation.